The Butterfly

One afternoon while working around his yard a man spotted a cocoon. He looked closer a
noticed that something was struggling to get through a very small hole in the cocoon.

He stood a watched for several minutes before he was certain that what he was seeing was
a butterfly attempting to get through the hole in the cocoon. As he watched the insect inside
the cocoon pushed and twisted but could not squeeze its way through the hole since the hole
was smaller than the body of the butterfly.

Intending to help the butterfly emerge, the man carefully cut the hole larger so the
butterfly could easily pass through the opening. After this was done, the butterfly did pass
easily through. However, from the cocoon came a misshaped insect that had a body that
was far too big to permit its undeveloped wings to lift it.

The well-intentioned man waited in hope that the butterfly would contain to transform, but
this never happened.

The butterfly needed to struggle to squeeze its body through the small opening. In so doing
fluids would be move from the body cavity and into the wings to aid in their development.
Without this struggle the butterfly never developed into a beautiful insect that could fly
from flower to flower. In fact its life was short as it was never able to develop.
The attempt to remove difficulties from the emerging insect left it unable to develop and
grow in its next stage of life.

Sometimes you, like the butterfly, will find yourself struggling to make it through a difficult
assignment or decision, if you work hard you can emerge a stronger and better person
prepared for an even brighter future.

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